Welded Type Cement Silo

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Welded cement silo are generally used to store bulk cement concrete mixing station, which is a closed storage tank for storing bulk materials, grain, cement and pulverized coal can be used to store cement silo. In the cement silo tank above the material level system are installed, usage, and the remaining amount of real-time display of the material; the hole means capable of massive objects as those produced by the deposition time is too long break. It and screw pump used in combination, the material can be transported to any desired location served, and cement silo tank installation is very convenient, safe and reliable.

Model : 20T Welded Cement Silo

Tanker Diameter (m) : 2.5 m

Tanker Height (m) : 4.8 m

Tanker Total Height (m) : 11.4 m

Model : 50T Welded Cement Silo
Tanker Diameter (m) : 3 m
Tanker Height (m) : 5.4 m
Tanker Total Height (m) : 12 m
Total Weight :4 tons
Accessories :Dust Collector, Handrails, Inside& Outside Ladders

Model : 80T Welded Cement Silo

Tanker Diameter (m) : 3 m

Tanker Height (m) : 9 m

Tanker Total Height (m) : 15.6 m

Technical Parameters Of Aimix Welded Cement Silo :

Specification of Aimix Welded Cement Silo Accessories of Welded Cement Silo
Model Tanker Diameter (m) Tanker Height (m) Tanker Total Height (m)
20T 2.5m 4.8m 11.4m
30T 2.5m 4.8m 11.4m
50T 3m 5.4m 12m
60T 3m 8.8m 12.8m
80T 3m 9m 15.6m
100T 3m 11.4m 18m

Aimix Factory can supply modified for the following application: fly ash silos, cement silos, starch silos, grain silos, quick time silos and dry bulk silos. If you need storage other material, we can design cement silo according to your need! Please click Contact us

Cement Silo Maximum-Minimum Level Indicator
Cement level indicator is a limit value indicator that is used to check the cement filling volume in the cement silo. This indicator is used to determine the maximum and minimum level of the cement in the cement silo by using of rotary motion.

High Pressure Safety Valves
High pressure safety valves are used the discharge the high pressure in the cement silo. Those valves start to run when the pressure value reaches the pre-set pressure limit value.
Those valves are the equipment that keeps the pressure in the cement silo in desired values and prevent the cement silo filter from breaking down.

Cement Silo Fluidizing System
Fluidizing system involves distribution pipe and nozzles. Distribution pipe is assembled into cement silo by fixing parts that are pre-assembled in to the cement silo. This system makes the cement in the cement silo bloated out. The advantage of this system does not harm the metal structure of the cement silo like the systems with vibrators do.

Cement Silo Screw
The Cement Screws are used to transfer the cement from big bags and bags to cement silo and cement batchers. Cement screws are manufactured by Elkon in different capacities and diameters by using latest technology.

Cement Silo Filter System ( WAM )
• Safe weather protection cover with lockable snap hook;
• No tools required for filtering element removal;
• Robust design;
• Perfectly accessible due to compact design;
• Complete replacement of filter media by only one person within a few minutes.

Features Of Aimix Welded Cement Silo :

1.Capacity: 20/30/50 /100 ton etc, Made of Q235 steel
2. High reliable working performance and best price.
3. Waterproof and moisture-proof ensure long working service life.
4. Leading professional designer and manufacturer.
5. We accept customized order, can design and manufacture according to customer’s special requirement.

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