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Different Types Of Concrete Paving Machine

Driven by the demands of urban development and infrastructure projects, these concrete paver machines offer a multitude of choices that cater to a variety of needs. there are different models for you to choose from in the following:

Aimix concrete paving machine has been developed paving width of 2500-8500mm, and paving thickness of 0-500mm. It can be widely used for new and reconstruction of urban and rural roads, highways, high-speed railway passenger dedicated line square, dock of cement concrete pavement.

CP4500 concrete Paver machine for sale

CP4500 Concrete Paving Machine
Models: CP4500
Paving width: 2500-4500 mm
Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
Paving speed: 10 m/min
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CP6000 concrete Road Paver

CP6000 Concrete Paver Machine
Models: CP6000
Paving width: 3400-6000 mm
Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
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CP7500 Concrete Paver Machine
Models: CP7500
Paving width: 3500-7500 mm
Paving thickness: 100-500 mm
Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
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CP8000 concrete Road Paver

CP8000 Concrete Paver Machine
Models: CP8000
Paving width: 4250-8000 mm
Paving thickness: 0-350 mm
Paving speed: 0-10 m/min
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Features of Aimix Concrete Road Paver Machine:

Suitable for the construction of high-speed railway hydraulic support layer and concrete road, and operable for the construction of hydraulic-activity supporting course and concrete road.
1. Simultaneous operations of hydraulic-activity supporting course, scraping, vibrating, tamping and extruding at the same time.
2. Full hydraulic independent drive, micro-computer with display and self-diagnostic capability.
3. Auto leveling and tracing systems to ensure paving flatness, straightness and smoothness at road bends.
4. Ergonomically designed with smart controls for operational comfort and ease.
5. Imported key components to ensure machine reliability and prolong service life of the paver.

Aimix concrete paving machine

Why Choose Us:

1. Aesthetic Marvels Meet Practical Excellence
Each is designed to address specific needs. Whether you’re crafting a serene garden pathway, a bustling city plaza, or a welcoming driveway, We can offer a solution that marries artistic elegance with robust durability.
2. Embrace Diversity
To truly cater to the dynamic spectrum of your needs, we present a diverse lineup of concrete pavers, each unique in its attributes and charm. Explore our offerings and choose the perfect fit for your project.
3. Customization Design
We understand that no project is the same, and individuality is the essence of creativity. Our concrete pavers are designed not just as materials, but as platforms for your vision.
4. Quality that Lasts, Service that Delights
Each concrete paver machine we offer is crafted with precision and rigor, ensuring longevity and enduring beauty. Our mission is to be a partner in your journey, providing solutions that stand the test of time.

Aimix Cases Of Concrete Road Paver in Different Countries

Aimix slip form concrete paver machine has been used for various situations: high-speed railway construction, highway and container terminal construction, airport construction, urban and rural roads project, etc. Because of it automatic operation and stable paving performance, Aimix concrete road paving machine has won great reputation in worldwide.


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