Concrete Mixer

Concrete Drum Mixer/Reverse Drum Concrete Mixer

1.Novel structure and artistic shape
2.Innovations on the drums minimize the abrasion
3.Drum concrete mixers are easy to operate and maintain
4.Both diesel and electrical powered mixers are available at Aimix
5.Compact structure and light weight, easy to move between construction sites
Model: JZC350  JZC500  JZM350  JZM750

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Self Loading Concrete Mixer

1.Independent water supply system, ensure the high quality of concrete.
2.Twin joystick& limited toggles are in tune with a smart cockpit design.
3.Zones of reach and comfort comply with ergonomic norms.
4.Command integration confers better control and maneuverability.
5. Achieved full in-cab machine control. (Easy and comfortable operation
Model: 1.2M3 ,  2.5M3 ,  3.5M3

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JDC Series Single Shaft Concrete Mixer
1. Horizontal movements avoid the risk of segregation
2. Stronger mixing effect and higher mixing efficiency
3. Low energy consumption
4. Compact structure and easy operation
5. Long service life with stable performance
Model: JDC350  JDC500

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JS Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
1. Double Helix Mixing Paddle. Speed up your mixing time more than 50%.
2. Automatic high-pressure washing system.
3. Gear reducer manufactured by Germany.
4. Automatic lubricating pump system.
5. Mixer linings are cast steel wear resistant Chromium alloyed.
Model: JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
JSS500 JSS750 JSS1000 JSS1500 JSS2000 JSS3000 JSS4000

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Planetary Concrete Mixer

Our planetary counter-current design has two mixing stars that rotate themselves while also rotating around a central point, allowing each arm to cover the whole mixer floor in a number of revolutions. This powerful mixing action is both fast and thorough, results in a mixing time, after water is added, of 30 seconds or less for most types of concrete.
Model: MP500 MP750 MP1000 MP1500

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Mini Concrete Mixer

The mini concrete mixer is ideal for every small job that requires only one or two yards of concrete at a time. Some of the key features include portability to every job site by either mounting it onto a truck or trailer or loading it onto the trailer when it is needed as well as ease of use. They are belt driven and the cement will be mixed until the job is ready for it. It is the perfect mixer for curb repairs, fence post stabilization and more.

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Concrete Pan Mixer

1. High automatic degree, high mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
2. Small noise, easy operation, high discharging speed, convenient maintenance
3. It can combine with dosing machine to form a small and medium batching plant.
4. The machine adopting mobile discharging design, which can be used with tilting cart, is an ideal machine in construction sites.
Model: JW350  JW500  JW750  JW1000

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