Concrete Boom Pump

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Concrete Boom Pump

A concrete boom pump is a type of concrete pump used to transport concrete to construction sites and other locations.

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    100 – 120m³/h


  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    100 – 120m³/h

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    100 – 120m³/h

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    100 – 150m³/h

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    150 – 163m³/h

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    150 – 163m³/h

  • Vertical Height
  • Horizontal Height
  • Concrete Output
    150 – 170m³/h

Concrete Mixing Arm Boom Pump

A concrete mixing arm boom pump is a versatile piece of construction equipment that integrates both the functions of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump. It is commonly mounted on a truck chassis, making it highly mobile and capable of transporting and distributing large quantities of concrete to challenging locations. This equipment is ideal for construction projects where quick and efficient concrete pouring is required, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Vertical Height: 33m
Horizontal Height: 28.9m
Mixer: JS 750
Concrete Output: 120m³/h

Vertical Height: 38m
Horizontal Height: 33.4m
Mixer: JS 750
Concrete Output: 120m³/h

Vertical Height: 40m
Horizontal Height: 36.2m
Mixer: JS 750
Concrete Output: 120m³/h

Vertical Height: 41.1m
Horizontal Height: 36.3m
Mixer: JS 750
Concrete Output: 120m³/h

Vertical Height: 43.7m
Horizontal Height: 39.7m
Mixer: JS 750
Concrete Output: 120m³/h

ABTS30 Shotcrete Pump Truck

The ABTS30 shotcrete pump truck is a perfect fit for tunnel, highway, and railway constructions that require full cross-section, two-stage, and three-stage operations. Its features of high construction efficiency, precise spraying, and minimal rebound rate.

Mechanical arm:
can rotate 270 degrees horizontally
Telescopic length:
can reach 12 meters
Maximum spraying distance:
13.5 meters
Maximum spraying height:
16 meters
Maximum spraying depth:
7.5 meters


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here are 5 common FAQs that customers may ask about concrete boom pumps, along with their answers:

1. What is an arm concrete pump, and how does it work?
An concrete boom pump is a type of concrete pumping equipment that uses a hydraulic arm or boom to pump concrete to hard-to-reach locations. The arm can be maneuvered and extended to place the concrete precisely where it is needed.
2. What are the main benefits of using a concrete boom pump over other concrete pumping equipment?
Reach difficult locations, precise placement of concrete, high pumping capacity.
3. What is the maximum vertical pumping height?
The maximum vertical pumping height for an arm concrete pump can also vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but it can typically range from 26 to 58 meters.
4. How much concrete can a concrete boom pump handle in an hour?
It can typically handle anywhere from 100 to 170 cubic meters of concrete per hour.
5. What is the cost of purchasing an arm concrete pump, and are there any additional fees or charges?
The cost of purchasing a concrete boom pump can vary depending on several factors, including the model, manufacturer, location, and duration of use. Additional fees or charges may also apply, such as delivery, setup, and maintenance fees.

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