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Crawler/Wheeled Type, 1.8t-9t Available,Suitable for Urban Construction, Residential Projects.

Different Models of the Excavators:

The excavators are mainly used in the construction and demolition of residential buildings, road construction, and quarry and mining operations. Our excavators have capacity of 1.8-9 tons, crawler type and wheeled type excavator by its way of moving.  It’s features of excellent appearance, stable performance, flexible operation, and convenient maintenance have attracted our clients.In order to help our clients complete their work better.


Capacity: 1.8t
Operating weight(kg): 1800
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.06
Power(Kw/r/min): 18.4/2350
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Capacity: 2.2t
Operating weight(kg): 2200
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.1
Power(Kw/r/min): 22.1/2300
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Capacity: 3.5t
Operating weight(kg): 3700
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.12
Power(Kw/r/min): 18.5/2200
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Capacity: 6.5t
Operating weight(kg): 6100
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.21
Power(Kw/r/min): 42.4/2000
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Capacity: 7.5t
Operating weight(kg): 7500
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.28
Power(Kw/r/min): 42.4/2000
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Capacity: 9t
Operating weight(kg): 9000
Bucket capacity(m³): 0.4
Power(Kw/r/min): 53/2200
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Working Video of the Excavator:

suitable for urban construction, residential projects, and indoor applications.

Technical Parameters Of Excavator:

Model AEC-1.8 AEC-2.2 AEC-3.5 AEC-6.5 AEC-7.5 AEC-9.0
Bucket capacity 0.06(m3) 0.1(m3) 0.12(m3) 0.21(m3) 0.28(m3) 0.4(m3)
Total Weight 1800(kg) 2200(kg) 3700(kg) 6100(kg) 7500(kg) 9000(kg)
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.06(m3) 0.1(m3) 0.12(m3) 0.12(m3) 0.28(m3) 0.4(m3)
Rotation speed (rmp) 10-12 0-12 0-12 0-12 0-12 0-12
Power/speed (KW/rmp) 18.4/2350 22.1/2300 18.5/2200 42.4/2000 42.4/2000 53/2200
System pressure (MPa) 18 18 22.5 28 28 27.5
Overall dimensions length*width*height (mm) 3865*1050*2270 4170*1300*2280 4915*1720*2525 5940*1880*2570 6054*2216*2672 6410*2278*2630

Note: Due to equipment upgrades, the parameters will be adjusted without notice.


Here are some common questions and answers that customers may have regarding Excavator:

Q: What size excavator do I need??
A: The size of the excavator you need depends on the scope and type of your projects. 1-5t excavators are suitable for smaller projects like residential landscaping, while larger construction tasks may require standard or heavy-duty excavators.
Q: How much does a new excavator cost??
A: The price of a new excavator varies widely based on size, brand, features, and model.
Q: What should I look for when buying an excavator?
A: Key factors include the excavator’s size, weight capacity, engine power, bucket size, and additional features such as GPS or automation technologies.
Q: How often does an excavator need maintenance?
A: Regular maintenance schedules depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually based on operating hours. Daily checks might include inspecting tracks or tires, fluids, and filters, with more comprehensive inspections recommended at longer intervals.
Q: How do I ensure operator safety?
A: Ensure all operators are properly trained on the specific model of excavator they will be using. Always follow manufacturer guidelines for operation and maintenance, utilize safety features included with the machine, and adhere to all relevant safety regulations and standards.
Q: What attachments are available for excavators?
A: There are various attachments available, including buckets of different sizes and types, hammers, grapples, augers, and rippers. The right attachments can greatly expand the versatility of your excavator.

Cases Of Excavators in Different Countries

The excavator has become increasingly popular worldwide due to their efficiency, reliability, and versatility. These plants have been exported to various countries, for example: the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Jamaica, etc;


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