Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant Sale

Aimix wall putty manufacturing plant is of high efficiency. Cement and coal ash storehouse is set up outdoor. The whole system is working almost in airtight system, and meet environmental protection standard. Automatic Mortar Mixing Equipment are implemented working automatic through control system,only need 1-2 operated. All machine go through hundreds of tests and can be used more than 10 years.

Automatic Wall Putty  Manufacturing Plant

1.Full -automatic electric operation with PLC/PC control;

2.Electrical weighing system;

3.Twin shaft forced mixing system.

4.Easy operation & low maintain cost

5.Pulse dust removal system, environmental friendly

Middle Size Wall Putty  Making Machine
1. Binders: Cement, hydrated lime, anhydrite, gypsum.
2. Filler: Silica sand, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, expanded perlite etc.
3. Mineral admixture: Ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash, pozzolana, fine silica powder etc.
4. Water-retention and thickening material.
5. Chemical additives: Cellulose esters, superplasticizer, air entraining agents, accelerating agents, retarding agents, defoaming agents, hydrophobic agents, and etc.

Tower Type Wall Care Putty Machine

1.Special design for Construction Project;

2.Easy operate;

3.Convenient structures for disassembly;

4.Super property and low production cost;

5.Less space demand;

Technical Parameters Of Aimix Wall Putty Plant:

Type Productivity (t/h) Production circle Number of sand bins Number of powder bins Production mortar type Power(kw) Floor area
AF-3 3 20min 0 0 ordinary mortar 23.5 20-30 ㎡
AF-6 6 20min 0 0 ordinary mortar 32.5 20-30 ㎡
AF-9 9 20min 0 0 ordinary mortar 36.5 30-40 ㎡
AF-10 5~10 5min 2x100T 2x100T Ordinary mortar and
some special mortar
120 37×10m
AF-20 15-20 5min 2x100T 2x100T 150 37×10m
AF-30 20-30 5min 2x100T 2x100T 180 37×10m

The clients can obtain our machines in different customized models and specifications as per their requirements. If you want to get Aimix new wall putty machine price, please Contact us directly.

Features Of Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant:

Aimix wall putty making machine is produced by professional manufacturers, it is inorganic binder after processing of drying and screening that can be water-retention and thickening materials, it is use aggregate and additives mixing as a percentage into powder mixture. It is mainly use sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash and additive. In addition, it requires to add early-strength additive, fast-drying additive and so on according to the species. It can use bulk packing or bag packing to transport to work site, after it mix with water as required, you can directly use it.

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