truck mounted concrete mixer truck

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

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Aimix’s truck mounted concrete pump is removable, which is more convenient to move than a trailer concrete pump and more affordable than a large boom pump. It consists of these six systems, including power system, electronic control system, hydraulic system, pumping system, lubrication system and cooling system. The simple design of the truck mounted concrete pump can save cost and manpower. Free flow hydraulics can pump smoother, faster and more efficient at a lower cost than other pumps by reducing pressure peaks and surges.

HBCS80 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
Concrete Output: 81~88 (m3/h)
Concrete Pumping Pressure: 16/13 (Mpa)
Concrete Slump: 80-230 (Mm)
Aggregate Size(Mm): Pebble≤50 Gravel≤40
Filling Height: 1400(Mm)
Power: 110KW

truck mounted concrete mixer truck
Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump

Max. Theo. Pumping Output:40 m³/h
Distribution valve: S Valve
Concrete pumping pressure: 8 MPa
Maximum aggregate: 40 mm
Generator power: 120 kw
Concrete cylinder stroke: 1000mm
Concrete slump: 140~220 mm

Technial Parameters Of Aimix Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

HBCS80/HBCS90 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer Pump
Item HBCS80 HBCS90
Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output
(Low/High Pressure)( m3/h).
81-88 96
Maximum Concrete Pumping Pressure
(Low/High Pressure) (Mpa)
16/13 18
Concrete Slump (Mm) 80-230 80-230
Aggregate Size (Mm) Pebble≤50 Pebble≤50
Gravel≤40 Gravel≤40
Power (KW) 110 176
Speed (r/Min) 1480 2200
Conveying Cylinder Diameter (Mm) Φ230/1650 Φ230/1650
Type Of Distribution Valve S Valve S Valve
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 600 600
Hopper Capacity (m³) 0.8 0.8
Filling Height (Mm) 1400 1400
Maximum Theoretical Conveying Distance(m) Horizontal: 1200 Horizontal: 1200
Vertical:180 Vertical:180
Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa) 32 32
Overall Dimension (Mm) 9000×2500×3070 9000×2500×3070
Total Weight (Kg) 11425 11425
Technical Parameters
Item Unit Specification
Max. theo. concrete output m³/h 40
Generator power KW 120
Main motor power KW 45
Maximum aggregate mm 40
Concrete pumping pressure MPa 8
Concrete cylinder diameter mm 200
Concrete cylinder stroke mm 1000
Hopper capacity×Loading height m³×mm 0.7×1400
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm φ125
Pipe length m 100
Concrete slump mm 140~220
Dimensions mm 7220×2450×3550
Chassis Chinese V(wheelbase is 3.6 meters)
Chassis steering Left hand steering
Max.concrete production capacity m³/h 30
Total mass KG 13580
Note: S-valve concrete mixer truck pump

Note: If you need other types and capacity of concrete pump, our professional engineers can design according to your demand and provide free installation, maintenance and other service to you. please Contact us

Features of Aimix Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

1. Aimix truck-mounted concrete pump adopt double-dump and double-loop open hydraulic system. Pump group of our truck-mounted concrete pump adopt world famous brand Rexrath from Germany. Valve group adopt America brand Eton.
2. We adopt Dalian Deutz and Weichai Deutz engine system, which is highly cost-effective and energy saving with strong power. What’s more, the after-sale maintenance is timely with low cost.
3. Chassis of Aimix truck-mounted concrete pump adopt domestic famous brand Dongfeng Tianjin chassis.
4. S tube is made of high manganese steel molding, with high wear-resistant materials fluidic channel.
5. Wired and wireless remote control makes the operation flexible, convenient. We adopt imported five curve diesel engine throttle calculation automatic control modulation, which can save more than 20% energy.

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