Screw Conveyor


LSY screw conveyor is special equipment that is in sealed circular section shell and continuous transport material via rotary palladium. It is used to transport a variety of meal, granular material, small block material, such as cement, fly ash and ore fines, etc. Aimix LSY screw conveyor has features of compact form, small cross-sectional area, light-weight, good leak tightness, high transportation efficiency, flexible process collocation and so on. It adopts universal ball joint feed inlet, in order to be propitious to install, product and damp proof. And it can be used horizontally or tilting, especially suitable for conveying bulk cement from the cement bin to the mixer or to the batching machine.
screw conveyor 03
screw conveyor 02

Technical Parameters Of Aimix Screw Conveyor :

Model Delivery angel to the ground Delivery distance (m) Max. Delivery capacity(T/H) Pipe diameter(mm) Motor power(kw)
LSY168 0-45° 4-15m 7T/H 168mm 4-7.5kw
LSY219 0-45° 4-15m 15T/H 219mm 5.5-15kw
LSY273 0-45° 4-15m 30T/H 273mm 7.5-18.5kw
LSY323 0-45° 4-15m 60T/H 323mm 15-30kw

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Features Of Aimix Screw Conveyor :

Screw conveyor is used for storage silo and under hopper material discharging and as a kind of fast amount in 5% of the required accuracy, under the circumstance, then continuous evenly conveying to the devices of accepting materials, through the adjustment of the vibration motor excitation force can easily change the productivity. Screw conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, glass, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, water power, food, abrasive, abrasive tools, etc, and make various industries in environmental protection got very big improvement, and reduce the energy consumption and transportation management cost , make economic benefits have been improved greatly.


1.High quality motor and gear box, with heavy duty design, large torque and low noise.
2.Outside tube complete with one inlet, one outlet, end flange, ball joint , inspection window.
3. Standard fitting parts, middle bearing, end bearing, spline shaft coupling.
3.Lifting eyes on each tube section, convenient for transport and installation.
4.Small diameter, great efficiency, high throughout rates.

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