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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

25-120 m³/h Mixing Capacity, Support Customized Service!

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Has Shipped to Malaysia
Model AJSY-35
  • Mixing Capacity: 35m³/h
  • Mixer Model (Mixer Output L):750(SICOMA)
  • Rated Input Volume (Model of Batching Machine L):1000
  • Aggregate Material Quantity (m3):3×3
  • Features: Semi-trailer unit, convenient to install, disassemble and move to different construction site
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Different Types of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


AJY Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Model: AJY25, AJY35, AJY50, AJY60,etc

Productivity: 25-120 m³/h

Tractor Type: Semi-trailer

Features: Reasonable design of the twin shaft concrete mixer, short mixing time, low consumption, low noise, and long life of wearing parts.

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AJSY Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
Model: AJSY35, AJSY50

Productivity: 35 m³/h, 50 m³/h,

Max.aggregate size: 80/60 mm

Features: Compact design, low space occupied, overall free foundation installation, saved basic production cost

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AJZY Drum Type Concrete Mixing Plant
Model: AJZY35, AJZY50, AJZY60

Productivity: 35-60 m³/h

Mixer: JZM750-JZM1500

Features: Concrete is mixed by a reversible drum mixer and mixing is done in the clockwise direction and discharge is in the anti-clockwise direction.

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AS Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Model: AS1.8, AS2.6, AS3.5, AS4.0, AS5.5

Productivity: 4.8-26 m³/h

Rated Power: 55-110kw

Features: It can be moved anytime and anywhere, and country roads, mountain roads, sand roads, and slopes are not affected, and it can be mixed anytime and anywhere.

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Main Functions of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants


Related Concrete Mixing Solutions

batching plant and mixer truck

Solution One: Mobile Batching Plant + Mixer Truck
Combination scheme of mobile concrete mixing plant, horizontal cement silo and mixer truck
1. Quickly transferred to different construction sites while providing efficient concrete supply;
2. The horizontal cement silo provides sufficient cement storage space;
3. The tank truck can transport the concrete to the construction site in time.

batching plant and mixer truck

Solution Two: Mobile Batching Plant + Concrete Pump+ Wheel Loder
Combination scheme of mobile concrete mixing plant, concrete pump and wheel loder
1. With sufficient cement storage space and a convenient concrete pump supply,
2. It can effectively meet the concrete demand of engineering projects.
3. Reduce waiting time, save costs, can be adjusted according to project needs.

batching machine and wheel loader

Solution Three: Batching Machine + Wheel Loader
The combined solution of JS shaft mixer/Sicoma concrete mixer, batching mahcine, and wheel loder
1. meet the construction needs of multiple construction sites;
2. Realize the needs of loading, batching and mixing together.
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Project Cases

Our Service

Technical Support

We offer comprehensive technical support services for our concrete batching plants, including remote troubleshooting, on-site repairs, and maintenance services.

Spare Parts

We offer a range of accessories services for concrete batching plants, including mixing blades, mixer bearings, gearbox, pneumatic valves, conveyor belts, etc. We generally provide some accessories for customers to replace in time.

Quality Monitoring Service

Our quality control team ensures that all products are thoroughly inspected and meet the highest standards before leaving our facility.


We can provide customized mixing plant solutions based on your specific needs. The main configurations include the mixer, batching machine, control system, cement silos and screw conveyors. We are aimed to design a solution that maximizes your productivity and efficiency.


Here are some common questions and answers that customers may have regarding mobiel concrete mixing plants:

What is the working principle of a mobile concrete batching plant?
A concrete mixing plant is a facility where raw materials such as cement, sand, and water are mixed together to produce concrete.
What are the different models and specifications available, and how do I choose the one suitable for my project?
Various models and specifications are available. The choice depends on factors such as your project’s size, required production capacity, and mobility needs.
What is the production capacity of this mobile batching plant?
Production capacity varies between models, but it can range from a few cubic meters per hour to over 120 cubic meters per hour, depending on the specific model.
Is it easy to relocate to different job sites?
Mobile concrete batching plants are designed for ease of transportation and can be relocated to different job sites. They often come with wheels or can be towed.
How efficient is the mobile concrete batching plant in terms of production?
Efficiency and concrete quality depend on factors like the plant’s design, the quality of ingredients, and proper operation. Calibration and testing can ensure concrete quality.

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