Grain Silo


Grain silo, also named grain bin, grain storage silo, is a large grain storage container. Grain storage silo is used to store agriculture products for home appliance or large granary projects. Grain silo is widely used to store grains like rice, corn, wheat, soybean, barley, sorghum, beet seeds, peanut, rye seeds, flour, feed, minor cereals and and other bulk granular crops, etc.

Aimix grain silo has the function of moisture-proof, insects and rodents prevention and convenient in and out of grains. Aimix offers a wide range of steel silos for grain storage, providing complete storage and installation equipment solutions for customers from all over the world. We can also design and customize grain silos according to your own needs.

Types of Aimix Grain Silo:

Flat Bottom Steel Grain Silo:

♦ Constructed with flat bottom surface by advanced technology

♦ Withstand all types of material storage

♦ Provide necessary accessories at the same time

♦ A sweep auger is fixed inside the flat concrete bottom

♦ Easy discharge outlets with valves

Hopper Bottom Steel Grain Silo:

Hopper bottom steel silo has the features of Gravity outlet, great auto-cleaning systems, no remains and etc. The capacity of storing volume is middle size, and it is widely used in grain, seed, flour, cement industry. Aimix cone bottom steel silo is of tough structure and high Fall-to-ground strength. The Slope grade of the cone bottom can be 40°, 45°, 60°. The 60°cone bottom steel silo is especially suitable for high viscosity grain or powder material.

Technical Parameters of Aimix Grain Silo:

Specification of Flat Bottom Steel Silo: Specification of Hopper Bottom Steel Silo:
Model Capacity Diameter(m) Total Height(m) Volume(m3)
TCK10014 1000 ton 10.084 18.69 1335
TCK10015 1500 ton 11.918 20.34 2009
TCK13715 2000 ton 13.75 20.87 2701
TCK14616 2500 ton 14.668 22.25 3278
TCK15518 3000 ton 15.584 24.78 4145
TCK18321 5000 ton 18.334 28.6 6693
TCK22921 8000 ton 22.918 29.85 10640
TCK26521 10000 ton 26.585 30.85 14513
Model Capacity  Diameter(m) Total Height(m) Volume(m3)
TCZK03605 50 ton 3.667 9.56 69
TCZK04506 100 ton 4.584 11.41 131
TCZK05506 150 ton 5.5 12.13 195
TCZK05509 200 ton 5.5 15.49 275
TCZK06410 300 ton 6.417 17.33 418
TCZK07313 500 ton 7.334 21.42 699
TCZK10013 1000 ton 10.084 23.61 1379
TCZK12811 1500 ton 12.834 23.51 2039

If you are interest in Aimix grain silo, please Contact us directly, we also provide customized service.

Features of Aimix Grain silo:

• Greater storage capacity according to your requirement
• Cost-effective because of the higher storage capacity.
• Great service & low maintenance cost
• Quick installation & easy transportation
• High quality and extremely strong materials of the silos.
• It is easier and more effective to do aeration

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