Construction Hoist Elevator

Aimix temporary elevator provides customizes lifting solutions to the industrial marketplace. All of our temporary elevators, industrial elevators, construction elevators, material hoists and transport platforms are engineered with the upgrades to withstand the specific needs of the harsh environments presented in the various industrial sectors we cater to. All of our hoists and elevators are equipped with a variable frequency drive and are available with explosion proof components and corrosion resistant materials to provide a safe ride every time.

Aimix Construction Hoist Elevator

Standard mounting height: 150m

Maximum mounting height: 850m

Construction elevator self-weight: 10-30t

Rated lifting speed: 1-96m/min

Standard specification: GB 26557-2011

Technical Parameters of Aimix Construction Hoist Elevator:

parameter unit Model
SC100 SC100/100 SC200 SC200/200
Rated Capacity kg 1000 2×1000 2000 2×2000
Number of People No. 12 2×12 16 2×16
Rated Lifting Speed m/min 36 36 36 36
Max.Lifting Height m 200 200 200 200
Motor Power kw 2×11 2×2×11 3×11 2×3×11
Suspension Cage Inner Size m 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2 3×1.3×2.2
Weight of 650 Standard Section kg 124 148 124 148
Dimension of 650 Standard Section mm 650×650×1508 650×650×1508 650×650×1508 650×650×1508
Counter Weight kg
Suspender Loading Capacity kg 200 200 200 200
Dimension of 800 Standard Section mm 800×800×1508 800×800×1508 800×800×1508 800×800×1508

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Normally construction hoist is consisted of cage, drive mechanism, standard section, attached wall, chassis, elevator fence, electrical system, etc. Building hoists is usually used for man and material carriage, because of its unique cabinet structure which makes its comfortable & safe experience in taking the construction elevator. Aimix construction lift is often used in concert with tower crane. The usual weight capacity of Aimix temporary construction elevators is about 0.3-3.6t, the lifting speed is between 1-96m/min.

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