concrete recycling machine

Concrete Recycling Machine

Aimix mainly produce two types of concrete recycling machines (also called sand and stone separator). One is drum type sand and stone separator, the other one is vibration type sand & stone separator. All of them are high efficiency working according to your needs.

By using Aimix concrete recycling machine, the waste concrete released from concrete pump machine and the transit mixer during washing as well as the concrete left at the truck mixer at the end of a production day can be recycled. Waste concrete can be separated as cement-rich water-cement mixture and coarse aggregate. Therefore these recycled materials can be reused to a certain extent in the next concrete productions.

Drum Type Concrete Recycling Machine:

concrete recycling machine
Model ESF30
Screening Capacity 30 t/h
Production Capacity Double 120 plants
Qty of Mixer Truck <30 sets
Overall Dimension 4500×1700×2190 mm
Overall Power 4 kw
Overall Weight 3000 kg

Aimix ESF30 concrete recycling machine is a kind of equipment that washes and separates sand, stone and mortar and reuses the mortar. Aimix developed it by absorbing foreign advanced technology and the most advanced level in China. With the new spiral screening technology, it has features of good dynamic balance effect, low power operation and convenient using & maintenance.

concrete recycling machine
concrete recycling machine
concrete recycling machine

Vibration Type Concrete Recycling Machine:

Concrete Recycling Machine:
Model GSF40
Screening Capacity 40 t/h
Production Capacity Double 270 plants
Qty of Mixer Truck <30 sets
Overall Dimension 9840×3500×3950 mm
Overall Power 13 kw
Overall Weight 8000 kg

Features of Aimix Vibration Type Concrete Recycling Machine:

♦ Adopting new vibration screening technology, good dynamic balance effect, improved use & maintenance convenience .
♦ The unique water retaining plate design makes the outflowing sewage have lower sand content, which is enviromental friendly.
♦ The spiral tail air sealing design makes the bearing and the slurry water separate. It avoids bearing blockage and abrasion, and not easy to damage then it will has a longer service life.
♦ The design of the large-capacity sewage bucket is not only capable of cleaning both tanks at the same time, but also achieving the unloading of two tankers at the same time, without waiting.

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