Concrete Block Making Machine

Aimix concrete block machine can produce bricks over 1000+ pieces per day with automatic operation. And Aimix concrete block making machine is widely appreciated in construction industry. Engineered using optimum quality material, these machines are extensively used owing to compact design, rigid construction and excellent mixing of construction material.

Types Of Aimix Concrete Block Making Machine :

ABM Series Concrete Block Making Machine

Our well-sold ABM series of concrete block making machine is used to produce cement brick, hollow block and colorful paving brick. The raw materials can be: slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, pebble, cement etc. This equipment is also called free-baking brick machine, that’s to say the final products need not to be sintered, only short time sun drying is ok.
Min. Capacity: 1000-2000/3000+ Bricks Per Day

Hydraulic Block Making Machine

Hydraulic power pack is composed of oil tank, engine, control valve group, pressure gauge, sensor and other accessories. The device provides hydraulic oil with a certain quantity and pressure according to the requirements, so that it will finish the pressing cycle smoothly. The usage of hydraulic power pack enables the ash brick plant to work smoothly and efficiently.
Min. Capacity: 1000-2000/3000+ Bricks Per Day

Technical Parameters Of Aimix Concrete Block Making Machine :

ABM Series Block Machine Specification Working Process Video of Concrete Block Making Machine
Model Size(L*W*H) Pcs/Mould Cycle Molding Pcs/Hr
ABM-12S 200*100*60 38 18-23s 5948-7600
ABM-10S 200*100*60 31 18-24s 4852-6200
ABM-10P 200*100*60 31 15-20s 5580-7400
ABM-8S 200*100*60 28 18-23s 4382-5600
ABM-6P 200*100*60 24 15-20s 4320-5760
ABM-6S 200*100*60 21 18-23s 3287-4200
ABM-5S 200*100*60 18 18-23s 2187-3600
ABM-4A 200*100*60 16 18-23s 2504-3200
ABM-3S 240*125*75 12 15-20s 2160-2800
ABM-4SE 240*125*75 9 22-25s 1400
ABM-6MS 400*100*200 9 25-30s 1080-8640
ABM-10MS 400*100*200 16 15s 3840-30720

Aimix block making machine produce more than 1000 bricks per day and 3000+ blocks per day. If you need any types or capacity block making machine, please Contact us.

Features Of Aimix Concrete Block Making Machine :

1.This series of block machine is mechanical, hydraulic and computer controlled. It has the features of high efficiency, excellent design, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance. The forming of the block is mainly by using hydraulic pressure, mechanical pressure as auxiliary, and the pressure is increased with vibration. The final product can gain the compression strength over 15Mpa with good frost-resistance and impermeability, good sound and heat insulation, accurate size.

2.Special designed materials storing and distributing system which can ensure the accurate supply of raw materials. With the help of this special design, we can supply the raw materials with even density and accurate quantity, and we can get blocks with similar density.
3.By simply changing the mould, we can change our products to meet the requirements of the market.

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