Aimix Horizontal Cement Silo Was Shipped to Australia


Aimix horizontal cement silo has been sent to Fremantle, Australia in July 6th, 2017. Our Australia client first asked for the quotation of horizontal cement silo by email. The reason why he wants the horizontal silo is that the horizontal type silo is easier to transport, more safety and etc.

After discussed the details of this product with our salesperson for several times, our Australia client decided to pay for the horizontal silo because of the trust and the high reputation of Aimix factory. The high quality of our horizontal cement silo won’t let our customer down. Waiting for his feedback.

If you are interest in Aimix cement silo, we can provide waled cement silo, bolted cement silo, horizontal cement silo, etc, according to your requirement. If we can provide any help, Please feel free to contact us!

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