Aimix 10 t/h Dry Mortar Mixing Plant Was Installed In Malaysia

Aimix 10 tph Dry Mortar Plant Was Installed In MalaysiaAimix 10 tph Dry Mortar Plant Was Installed In Malaysia
Our clients bought this 10 tph dry mortar mixing plant in December 2019. Because of the infulence of Covid-19, it was deliveryed to Malaysia in June 2020. And it took 12 days to transported to Malaysia. We helped installation and running test for our Malaysia clients, and also taught them how to operate this dry mortar plant. Now it has been worked well for our local client and helped a lot for their dry mortar business.

Aimix dry mortar mix plant has capacity of 3-30 tons per hour, they are widely used to produce all kinds of special mortar and common mortar, such as plaster mortar, waterproof mortar, thermal insulation mortar, tile adhesive mortar, tile grout mortar, bonding mortar, screed mortar, etc. These mortars are widely used as building materials for bridges, railways, workshop, warehouse, sewerage projects, residential construction.

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