Concrete Pump Machine Price

There are many factors influencing the price of concrete pump such as specifications, quality, regions, market demands and so on.

As a direct seller of concrete pump machines, Aimix Machinery sells concrete pump at the ex-factory price, lower than the market price. In addition, we also offer regular after-sales service our clients for machine maintenance & spare parts exchange to benefit more and more customers. All customers are welcome to inquire about the price online or to visit our factories at any time.

Here are several factors that will influence the price of concrete pump machine.

Configurations Impact Concrete Pumps Price:

80m³/h Diesel Stationary Concrete Trailer Pump

ABTC Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump Price

Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40-90 m3/h
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ200×1200 mm
Max.concrete Vertical pumping pressure:7.6-11 MPa
Max.concrete Horizontal pumping pressure  :10-16 MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance:120-200 m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500-800 m
Outlet diameter: Ф150-180 mm

Concrete cylinder:

It is the stroke & pressurized place for concrete pumping. Generally, the larger the inner diameter of the concrete cylinder, the larger aggregate size of the pumped aggregate, and the less likely to block the pipe, but at the same time, the pumping pressure is required. The larger diameter and higher quality means the higher price of concrete pump.

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Main Oil Cylinder:

The pressure difference generated by the hydraulic pump, drives the movable rod and the piston in the hydraulic cylinder to move repeatably. Then The pumping piston movement in the concrete cylinder is driven. The main oil cylinder cooperate with S valve to suck in concrete in one cylinder, and pumping out concrete in the other cylinder to complete the pumping process. Aimix choose Korea Kawasaki oil cylinder. It is reliable and high efficiency. The diameter of the oil cylinder is determined by the concrete cylinder. So the oil cylinder quality influences the concrete pump machine price as well.


Aimix choose Weichai engine for power supply, adopting ECU control system. It has features of intelligent adjust the number of engine oil absorption and output power. Thereby it realize high efficient fuel utilization and reduced exhaust emissions. The engine is turbocharged for greater power. Choosing high quality engine may have higher price of concrete pump machine, but it saves a lot for afterward operation.

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High Return On Investment:

Generally a concrete pumping project need numerous operators. It is a large sum of money to pay for the employed workers to make the cement and deliver it to high building manually. While choosing Aimix concrete pump you won’t have this trouble. In the past time, for a projects, you may need approximate 10 workers to do the job. But with Aimix concrete pump machine, only five workers are enough. It really can save your cost and working time.

concrete mixer pump price

Aimix ABJS40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40 m3/h
Max Exit Pressure: 10 Mpa
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ200×1200 mm
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500 m
Outlet diameter: Ф150 mm
Motor Power: 45 kw

Aimix concrete pump machine is of high intelligent, easy operation and low maintenance cost. It advantages in less labor cost, high pumping quality with better concrete price. In a word, choosing Aimix concrete pump means high return on investment.

Aimix Concrete Pump Machine Clients Feedback:

Aimix Concrete Pump Cases:

Aimix Concrete Trailer Pump in Pakistan
Planetary Concrete Mixer Pump in Indonesia
Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump To Ecuador
Aimix Concrete Trailer Pump in Indonesia
Concrete Mixer Pump in Russia
Concrete Trailer Pump in Philippines

Aimix Professional Concrete Pump Machine Manufacturer:

Aimix Ex-factory Price:

We provide 100% factory price concrete pump machine to you. Established in 1982, Aimix have a 120,000 square meter factory staffed with 1,000 employees, including engineers, technicians, salesman, and service people, etc to support you with best service. Aimix has developed 6 oversea branches, including: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan,  Kazakhstan, etc. We will provide the best service & the most convenient price for you. If you are interested in concrete pump machine price, please contact us.

Aimix factory in Pakistan
Aimix office in Philippines
Aimix branch in Uzi

ABTD Electric Trailer Concrete Pump

Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40-90 m3/h
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ200×1200 mm
Max.concrete Vertical pumping pressure:7.6-11 MPa
Max.concrete Horizontal pumping pressure  :10-16 MPa
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance:120-200 m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500-800 m
Max. aggregate diameter: Slick/scree:40/50

Expertise After-sales Service Team:

With Aimix regular maintenance service, the concrete pump machine will has longer working life and better performance on work-site.

Aimix Group has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. They all unified managed and deployed by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and we’ ve established detailed customer files. We can respond quickly to your question, and fix it in high efficiency.

Installation And Commissioning And The Acceptance

We send after service engineers to help installation, commissioning of the equipment.
Returning visit by after service department for each set of equipment after installation.

Technical Information, Warranty And Technical Service

We offer the customer training for the operator, maintenance worker, and also provide free technical advice services.
We supply lifelong service for the equipment.

Spare Parts Service

We offer the original, authentic, quality spare parts for the equipment maintenance.
♦Our service is available at 7*24 hours every week

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