ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump For Private Villas Project In Philippines

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump For Private Villas Project in Philippines

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump For Construction Project in Philippines

Basic information of this case:

Our Clients Project: For the construction of private villas with three or four floors.
How does our Philippines client find us?
Our client search the word “concrete mixer pump price” on google and saw our website appeared on google engine. He clicked and opened the page, it shows electric concrete mixer pumps on it. After reading this page, he got interested in our concrete mixer pump and left a message to us. Our Philippines market salesperson contacted him about 6 hours later.

What did we do after contacting this Philippines client?

Our salesperson ensured details of this Philippines client project requirements. He firstly inquiried about our 30 m³/h electric concrete mixer pump. Considering of his project location is lack of electricity, we recommended him to choose diesel engine type. And after learning this project of concrete pumping quantity need, we advised him this 40 m³/h capacity. He finally choose our diesel engine 40 m³/h concrete mixer pump, which is slightly higher in price but has higher concrete mixing and pumping capacity.

Details of delivery and after-sales service:

After our clients confirmed the contract details and paid for this order, we arranged the delivery process from our local warehouse in the Philippines. It took less than a day for our machine to arrive, because the destination is nearby our local warehouse. Now this ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump has been transported to our client’s local work site in August 2nd.

Our Manila client planed to use it September 2022. Before put it into concrete production, we will send our local after-sales service team for running test & operation training service. Aimix will teach their operators until they can operate alone and proficiently. We will also train them on routine maintenance and simple solutions to problems they may encounter. Our Philippines client spoke high of Aimix quality & sincere service.

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