Concrete Block Making Machine

Auto Brick Making Machine Price

There are many factors influencing the price of brick making machine such as specifications, quality, regions, market demands and so on.

Aimix brick making machine can produce at least 1000-2000 bricks per day, our concrete block machine also support 3000+ bricks per day. Aimix Group sells concrete block machine at the ex-factory price, lower than the market price. In addition, we also offer regular after-sales service our clients for machine maintenance & spare parts exchange to benefit more and more customers. All customers are welcome to inquire about the price online or to visit our factories at any time.

Aimix Brick Making Machines For Sale:

ABM-12S Hollow Blocks Maker For Sale

ABM-12S Blocks Making Machine

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 12
Vibration frequency: 2800-4500(r/min)
Pallet size: 1300*900mm
Molding cycle: 15-25(s)

ABM-10S Brick Making Machine

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 10
Vibration frequency: 2800-4500(r/min)
Pallet size: 1100*900mm
Molding cycle: 15-25(s)

ABM-8S Hollow Block Machine Price

ABM-8S Block Manufacturing Machine

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 8
Vibration frequency: 4500-5100(r/min)
Pallet size: 850*680mm
Molding cycle: 15-25(s)

ABM-6S Hollow Block Machine Manufacturer

ABM-6S Block Machine Manufacturer

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 6
Vibration frequency: 2800-5100(r/min)
Pallet size: 850*680mm
Molding cycle: 15-25(s)

ABM-5S Hollow Block Making Machine

ABM-5S Block Making Machine

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 5
Vibration frequency: 2800-4500(r/min)
Pallet size: 1100*550mm
Molding cycle: 15-20(s)

ABM-4A Hollow Block Making Machine Price

ABM-4A Block Making Machine Price

Blocks Pcs/Mould: 4
Vibration frequency: 4600(r/min)
Pallet size: 1020*570mm
Molding cycle: 15-25(s)

Types of Block We Can Make:

[tabs class=”yourcustomclass”]
[tab title=”Interlocking Bricks” active=”active”]

Aimix Interlocking Bricks Types (Support Customize)
400×400×100 mm 250×190×70 mm 400×300×100 mm 300×300×60 mm 400×400×60 mm
250×250×60 mm 250×250×60 mm 220×110×50 mm 200×160×50 mm 400×400×80 mm

[tab title=”Hollow Bricks“]

Aimix Hollow Bricks Types (Support Customize)
390×190×190mm 390×190×190mm 390×150×190mm 190×190×190mm 190×190×190mm
520×1150×200mm 390×190×190mm 390×150×190mm 240×180×90mm 240×180×90mm
390×90×190mm 240×115×90mm 240×190×90mm 150×100×200mm 100×100×200mm

[tab title=”Paving Blocks“]

Aimix Paving Bricks Types (Support Customize)
250×250×60 mm 250×250×60 mm 200×100×50 mm 250×250×60 mm 250×250×60 mm
250×250×60 mm 250×250×60 mm 250×250×60 mm 200×100×60 mm 250×250×60 mm

Aimix block machine manufactures at least 1000-2000 bricks per day, we also support 3000+ bricks producing per day size. Aimix support customized block molds, if you are interested of Aimix block machine, please feel free to contact us.

Aimix Group-Reliable Concrete Block Machine Manufacturer:

♥Aimix Factory For High Quality Block Machine
Aimix group estabilished in 1982, with almost 40 years development, we ‘ve become one of the top block machine manufacturer. Aimix factory adopts advanced technology in machine producing. To ensure high quality block machine, we has strict check process in machine producing. We constantly improve our machinery, quality and service to meet the customers’ satisfaction.

♥Aimix Expertise After-sales Service Team
Aimix Group has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. They all unified managed and deployed by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and we ‘ve established detailed customer files. Our skilled engineer can provide professional service which include: equipment installation,commissioning, machine operator & administrator training, free technical support, etc.

♥5 Branches In Overseas Market:
Aimix has developed 5 oversea branches, including: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan,  Kazakhstan, etc. We will provide the best service & the most convenient price for you. If you are interested in Aimix Brick machine price, please contact us.

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