Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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Application Projects

Aimix self loading concrete mixer can be used for the following concrete mixing projects:

Repair roads  |  bridges  |  harden pavements projects
House construction & Building foundations.
Floor construction.
Water canals project.
Precast concrete pouring project.

Types of Self Loading Concrete Mixer


Discharge Capacity:2600L

Concrete output:10.4 m³/h


Discharge Capacity:3500L

Concrete output:14 m³/h


Discharge Capacity:4000L

Concrete output:16 m³/h


Discharge Capacity:5500L

Concrete output:22 m³/h

Prices for Different Models

Please contact us and let us guide you in determining the exact price based on the model and features you select.

Model Price Range
AS-1.8-AS-2.6 $15000-$21000
AS-3.5-AS-4.0 $24000-$31000
AS-5.5-AS-6.5 $35000-$55000

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Global Case

Aimix self loading concrete mixer has become increasingly popular worldwide due to their efficiency, reliability, and versatility. These plants have been exported to various countries, for example: the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, Jamaica, etc;

Customers’First Choices
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Advantages of AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Advanced Weighing System

Ensure the weighing accuracy of concrete and get high quality concrete

Tight Turning Radius

4 wheel steering system allows maneuverability in narrow spaces and allows for a tight turning radius.

Ergonomic Design

The cabin is designed to enhance the efficiency of the operator and allow him to work for longer hours.

High Pressure Wash Gun Of The Truck

Make the truck cleaning work much easier

Mixer Drum 270 Degree Rotation

Make the concrete pouring work much convenient

High Gradeability

Highly efficient in steeply inclined terrains

Benefits of AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Wheel System

instead of a concrete mixer truck

Mixing System

instead of a singe concrete mixer

Discharging System

instead of a concrete trailer pump

Weighing System

instead of a batching machine

Loading System

instead of a wheel loader

The best cost-effective solution
the lowest comprehensive operating cost in the early stage

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Large Capacity Solution

Productivity:25 m³/h, 35 m³/h, 50 m³/h, 60 m³/h

Concrete Batching Plant

  • High concrete quality requirement
  • Special additives need
  • Substantial concrete production
  • Long-Term concrete investment project

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1. How to install AIMIX self loading concrete mixer?
It’s easy to install. We provide instructions and videos for installation. Aimix engineers also can give online guidance. (our overseas branch offices can provide door-to-door service.)
2. Can self-loading concrete mixers go on mountain roads?
It depends on the slope of the mountain. A low slope can be climbed.
3. Can it produce concrete according to the formula? Can the production data be printed?
Aimix self-loading concrete mixer is equipped with a hydraulic weighing system. You can weigh materials according to your formula requirements. It is also equipped with a printer, the weight of materials can be printed.
4. How many operators are needed while using one self-loading concrete mixer?
1-3 persons to operate.
5. How to clean self loading concrete mixer?
The tank needs to be cleaned each time before getting off work. It can be equipped with a high-pressure car washing pump. Or add two buckets of stones and half a tank of water to mix for 3-5 minutes and then pour it out.
6. What is the difference between a concrete mixer truck and self loading concrete mixer?

A concrete mixer truck is mainly used for transporting concrete. It has no charging function. Concrete mixer truck is mainly used in medium and large projects.

Self-loading concrete mixer can load raw materials and mix concrete by itself. It is mainly used for small and medium projects or for repair projects.

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