Mr. Lao’s Experience of Cooperate With Aimix Group

Client’s Business:

Mr. Lao comes from a well-known local medium-sized construction company that is very famous in Baguio City, Philippines. Apart from their own projects, they also help with other projects such as building houses, roads, tunnels, flood control, etc. As they took reasonable fees, local people are very willing to work with them.

Client’s Initial Demand:

Mr. Lao Initially inquired about Aimix concrete trailer pump. He found us by searching “diesel concrete pump” on Google. He was very impressed with the videos of after-sales service when we revisit our Philippines clients. Then he left a message and send his inquiry on our website as soon as possible.

Situations of Client’s Project:

They were in charge of a 2-3 floors high house project at that time. Their conditions are strict because they had a limited labor supply and unstable power conditions. And the construction process needs consistent and stable concrete pumping while the particle size of concrete raw materials also needs to be considered. After various times of communication with our professional technical engineer, We finally made the best concrete pumping solution for Mr. Lao’s project.

Philippines local work site
Philippines local work site

Our suggestion for Mr. Lao’s project:

Considering the inadequate power and manpower on site, we recommended the AJBZ40C diesel engine concrete mixer pump to Mr. Lao.

Concrete mixer pump is the combination of diesel concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump, which is capable of producing concrete and pumping concrete at the same time. It perfectly solves the problem of lack of electricity and limited manpower at MR. LAO’s construction site. Most importantly, this concrete mixer pump has the advantage of simple operation and flexible mobility and can efficiently produce and pump concrete, which is very suitable for this project for Mr. Lao.

Mr. Lao’s Final Choice:

He was very pleased with our suggestion and thankful for our sincere advice and service. He took our advice and purchased an ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump. And we sooner arranged to manufacture this ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump after getting his order. Then it was transported to the local work site of Mr. Lao’s project.

Project Process Situation After Using Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump:

After it was delivered to the local work site, its excellent performance surprised Mr. Lao and his colleagues, and it successfully complete the project. The dual function of concrete mixing and pumping greatly solved MR LAO’s original problem of having to purchase additional concrete. It saved the project time and costs considerably.

Philippines local work site
Philippines local work site

At the end of the three-month project, Mr. Lao carried out a costing exercise. He found that it saved 1.55 million Peso by using Aimix concrete mixer pump. MR LAO has been complimenting us on our concrete mixer pump and has introduced us to many of his regular customers, and now Mr. Lao has become an ambassador for the AIMIX brand in the region.

Client’s Feedback:

For Product:

Mr. Lao is very pleased with the performance of the equipment. He did not expect this concrete mixer pump to be so powerful and was very grateful for the recommendation.

For Aimix Service:

With the help of Aimix plan for his project, he finished this 2-3 floors house construction project on time. Mr. Lao spoke highly of Aimix’s professional & timely service. And he was willing to set up long-term cooperation with us.

He was very satisfied that our after-sales service engineer has trained a professional operator for him. This operator is not only skillful in concrete mixer pump operation but also can solve simple maintenance problems. He mentioned that, someone in local area bought concrete pump from another company that was broken, without knowing whether it was due to quality or operational reasons that led to the breakdown of concrete pump. And they can’t get in touch with the manufacturer any more. Now that concrete pump can’t be used anymore, they not only lose money but also delayed the work schedule.

Philippines local work site
Philippines local work site

In short, while choosing a machine, the price is not the only factory we should considered, we also should notice that quality & after-sales service are very important as well. The price may be momentary, but the costs incurred later because of quality and after-sales service are endless, and the worst may be the delay in the project schedule.

Follow-up Cooperation Projects:

After the first time cooperation, Mr. Lao contact us again a few months later for their local road construction project. This time he bought our self loading concrete mixer, which is still stable performance as for now. And Aimix self loading concrete mixer are more and more popular in the Philippines concrete field.
Mr. Lao Purchasing Self Loader Mixer
Until now, we still has constantly contact, and continuesly follow up the using situations and status for our concrete machines, and remend Mr. Lao to carry out daily maintenance & regular repair. We also provided spart parts for them in time to ensure they project to be finished on time.

The Friendship Between Aimix Group And Mr. Lao Continues:

In the early time of COVID-19 occurred in China, Mr. Lao considerately sent us anti-epidemic materials including masks, goggles, ventilators, etc. We are very thankful for his kindness.

The Friendship Between Aimix Group And Mr. Lao Continues
The Friendship Between Aimix Group And Mr. Lao Continues

As the explanding of COVID-19, Mr. Lao and his colleagues were unfortunately infected with the new crown virus. We immediatly sent them medicines, masks and protective clothes, as we heard this bad news. We also sent them greetings and care from time to time, and encourage them to overcome the virus and wish them a speedy recovery.

The relationship between us is not “partners” anymore, but more like family and friends. We will continue to update the story of AIMIX and Mr.Lao. Thanks for your reading!

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