Concrete Mixer Truck for Mining/Tunnel


Mining concrete mixer truck, produced by a powerful manufacturer, with high-quality accessories, reliable quality, multiple models to choose from, and global shipping.
The mining concrete mixing truck is evenly mixed, durable, and has stable safety performance. The overall vehicle design is more suitable for mines and tunnel operations. Can be customized and sold upon request.

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Technical Parameters Of Mining/Tunnel Concrete Mixer Truck:

Name Details
Model AJG-2, AJG-3, AJG-4, AJG-5
Concrete Filling Volume 2 cubic, 3 cubic, 4 cubic, 5 cubic,
Truck Diesel Engine Yunnei 4102 engine 4 cylinder 90HP
Gearbox Dongfeng 145 gearbox
Alxe 4X2
Front Bridge 1061
Rear Bridge 1080 (emphasis)
Front Tire 750-16 steel wire tire
Rear Tire 750-16 steel wire twin
Hydraulic Zhejiang Dali
Steering hydraulic steering
Braking Method air brake
Tank Thickness 4 cm national standard wear-resistant steel plate
Motor 30B50
Hydraulic Taifun System
Water Tank 30L water tank air pressure water supply
Cab simple cab
Front Arch Plate 1.1m*75*14
Rear Bow Plate 1.2m*75*14 main and auxiliary conjoined
Head Material Thickened 6MM
Unloading Range 180° repair rotation
Blade Material 5# thick rigid alloy
Big Frame Square tube welding frame
Wheelbase 2730
Fuel Tank 50 liters
Vehicle Size 5700X1800X2500
Gear Mode file line
Output Speed M3/MI
Hydraulic oil cooler 15 liter temperature radiator

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