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Aimix excavators are mainly used in the construction and demolition of residential buildings, road construction, and quarry and mining operations. Our excavators have capacity of 6-85 tons, which can be divided into small, medium and large size. They also can be called as  crawler type and wheeled type excavator by its way of moving.  Aimix excavator’s features of excellent appearance, stable performance, flexible operation, and convenient maintenance have attracted our clients.In order to help our clients complete their work better, Aimix Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hyundai to provide customers with high quality excavators.

Crawler Excavator:

Our crawler excavators install heavy-duty large and small arms with better durability, use cast steel to improve strength, and increase durability by 1.5 times. The moving and rotating motors are designed by Hyundai Heavy Industries to enhance durability. The thickness of the lower support ring is increased, and the welding strength of the lower frame is increased by 20%;

Small Excavator For Sale:


R130VS PRO excavator

Engine power: 86kW/2,200rpm
operation weight: 13,400kg
Bucket capacity: 0.52m³

R115VS excavator

Engine power: 86kW/2,200rpm
operation weight: 12,000kg
Bucket capacity: 0.45m³

HX75D excavator

Engine power: 44.4kW/2,100rpm
operation weight: 7,000~7,420kg
Bucket capacity: 0.32m³

R110VS excavator

Engine power: 74kw/2,000rpm
operation weight: 11,200kg
Bucket capacity: 0.45m³

Medium Excavator For Sale:


R205VS excavator

Engine power: 125kw/1,900rpm
operation weight: 19,900kg
Bucket capacity: 0.9m³

R215VS PRO excavator

Engine power: 125kW/1,900rpm
operation weight: 21,500kg
Bucket capacity: 1.0m³

R225LVS excavator

Engine power: 125kW/1,900rpm
operation weight: 22,570kg
Bucket capacity: 1.05m³

R245VS excavator

Engine power: 150kW/2,050rpm
operation weight: 25,500kg
Bucket capacity: 1.5m³


R275LVS PRO excavator

Engine power: 150kW/2,050rpm
operation weight: 26,750kg
Bucket capacity: 1.5m³

R305LVS excavator

Engine power: 169kw(227HP)/1,900rpm
operation weight: 30,200kg
Bucket capacity: 1.44m³

R350LVS excavator

Engine power: 221kw(296HP)/1,850rpm
operation weight: 33,200kg
Bucket capacity: 1.60m³

Large Excavator For Sale:


R550LVS excavator

Engine power: 299kW/1,800rpm
operation weight: 52,000kg
Bucket capacity: 3.6m³

R375LVS excavator

Engine power: 232kW/1,700rpm
operation weight: 38,700kg
Bucket capacity: 1.9m³

R395LVS excavator

Engine power: 232kW/1,700rpm
operation weight: 40,500kg
Bucket capacity: 1.9m³

R495LVS excavator

Engine power: 263kw(353HP)/1,900rpm
operation weight: 45,875kg
Standard with hydraulic breaker, not include bucket


R505LVS exvacator

Engine power: 299kw(401HP)/1,800rpm
operation weight: 50,200kg
Bucket capacity: 2.8m³

R520L-9VS excavator

Engine power: 266kw/1,900rpm
operation weight: 52,300kg
Bucket capacity: 3m³

R850L-9VS excavator

Engine power: 380kw/1,800rpm
operation weight: 84,230kg
Bucket capacity: 4.5m³

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Wheeled Excavator For Sale:


R150WVS PRO excavator

Engine power: 124kW/2,050rpm
operation weight: 13,780kg
Bucket capacity: 0.58m³

R150WVS excavator

Engine power: 108kw(145HP)/2,200rpm
operation weight: 13,700kg
Bucket capacity: 0.58m³

R210WVS excavator

Engine power: 129kw(173HP)/2,200rpm
operation weight: 20,800kg
Bucket capacity: 0.92m³

Advantages & Features of Our Excavators:

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Complete Equipment You May Get Interested:

excavator breaker for sale

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