Electric Type Concrete Mixer Pump

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Aimix JBS series electric engine concrete mixer with pump adopts full automatic operation system. This series concrete pump with mixer combines the functions of mixing and high pressure pumping all-in-one. Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system greatly enhances the overall performance of concrete pump and ensures the concrete pump work under harsh conditions.Our concrete pump with mixer has won a good reputation in the market.
JBS 30

JBS30 Electric Type concrete mixer Pump

Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity :30 m3/h
Max.concrete pumping pressure: 10MPa
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke:Ф140×845mm
Main Oil Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ80/55×845mm
Outlet diameter: Ф100mm
Motor Power: 47.55kw

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JBS 40

JBS40 Electric Type Concrete Mixer Pump

Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Max Exit Pressure: 10Mpa
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ160×1200mm
Main Oil Cylinder bore * stroke: Φ100/70×1200mm
Outlet diameter: Ф150mm
Motor Power: 55.75kw

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Technical Parameters Of Electric Type Concrete Mixer Pump:

Items Unit JBS30 JBS40 
Max Theoretical Conveying Capacity m3/h 30 40
Max Exit Pressure Mpa 10 11
Concrete Cylinder bore * stroke mm Ф140×845 Φ160×1200
Main Oil Cylinder bore * stroke mm Φ80/55×845 Φ100/70×1200
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume L 350 350
Exit Diameter mm Ф100 Φ150
Conveying Pipe Inner Diameter mm Ф100 Φ125
Motor Power KW 47.55 55.75
Max Aggregate Size mm 30 40
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance M 500 600
Max Vertical Conveying Distance M 120 150
Mixer Model JZC350 JZC350
Input Volume L 560 560
Output Volume L 350 350
Drum Diameter mm 1440 1440
Drum Rotary Speed (without load) rpm 18 18
Outline Dimension (L*W*H) mm 4200x2300x2600 4200x2300x2600
Weight Kg 4200 4500

As a professional concrete mixer with pump supplier, Aimix Machinery is dedicated to providing customers good quality concrete mixer truck with pump. If you need other types and capacity of concrete pump, our professional engineers can design according to your demand and provide free installation ,maintenance and other service to you.please Click here

Advantages Of Aimix Electric Type Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer with pump is featured by the combination of mixing and conveying of concrete together, which can save labors and reduce labor intensity. Mixer pump can be applied to varieties of construction projects to help you expand business scope. Concrete pump and mixer can transport concrete to places that labors or tractors have no access to, which is undoubtedly a good choice for the construction of civil house, water conservancy, rural roads and ground works.

The JBS series electric concrete mixer pump combine the traditional concrete pump and the mixer together, has the following advantages.
1.The outlet hole is specially designed as the coarse type, which is wear-resisting and can prolong its service life.
2.The arch broken structure is equipped on the machine which can avoid the concrete plug, insuring the smooth working of the concrete mixer.
3.The hydraulic pipe joints are products of American Eaton brand, insuring the safety and no leakage of hydraulic system.
4.The main electric elements are from Schneider, the reliability of the electric control system is highly improved.

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