Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures

concrete water reducer admixture

Concrete- as the world’s most widely been used construction material, the quality, performance and sustainability of concrete are extremely important. Concrete admixtures, (which also been called concrete addtives) plays an important role in helping concrete to realize high performance, long-lasting, durable and suitable for various constuction situation. Concrete admixtures are manufactured chemicals or additives added during concrete mixing to enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete.

Aimix mainly provide 5 types of concrete water reducing admixtures: standard type, pumping type, slump-preserving type, retarding type and antifreeze type.

Water Reducing Agent-Standard Type:

Polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducer (standard type)
Polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducer (standard type):
  • Recommended dosage and usage:
    1. The mixing amount is 0.3-0.7% of the cementitious material.
    2.When preparing high-strength concrete, the mixing amount can be 1.0-1.2%;
    3. the specific displacement should be determined through experiments.
    4. Add the mixing water into the mixer and stir until the specified time.
  • Scope Of Application:
    1. High-strength, high-performance concrete of C30 and above.
    2. Other kinds of commodities, cast-in-place and precast concrete.
    3. It can be used as a parent component for compounding.

Main Characteristics of Aimix Polycarboxylate High-performance Water-reducer (standard type):
1. The product has good water-reducing performance at low content, especially in high-grade concrete, and its maximum water-reducing rate can reach 40%.
2. This product is alkali-free and chlorine-free, and has no corrosion hazard to steel bars.
3. It has a strong dispersion effect on cement, improves the fluidity of the mixture, and the concrete slump can reach 20-25MM.
4. Compared with the benchmark concrete, the bleeding of concrete mixed with this product is significantly reduced, and there is no segregation phenomenon, which makes it easier to achieve construction operations.
5. The density of this product is 1.08-1.12KG/1, the PH value is 6.0-8.0, the solid content is 40%, and there is no residual harmful chemical substances.

Concrete Superplasticizer Admixture-Pumping Type:

WJ-JS(Ⅱ) Polycarboxylate superplasticizer pumping type
WJ-JS(Ⅱ) Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (pumping type):

It can be divided into: powder and liquid. Its main components are superplasticizers and enhancers, retarders, plasticizers, air-entraining agents, etc. It is an admixture specially designed for long-distance transportation and on-site delivery of commercial concrete.
Application Technical Points:
1. When the FDA or the beginning of the test to change the type of cement, to obtain the best economic and technical effects.
2. This agent in using the mixed method, the desired dose uniformity after mixing with aggregate plus water with stirring. The liquid product can be added at once after adding water and stirring.
3. The product is suitable for 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ concrete at ambient conditions.

Homogeneity Index Item Index Item Index
Exterior Powder Grayish Yellow Powder Fineness 0.315mm Sieve Residue≤15%
Exterior Liquid Dark Brown Powder PH Value 44021
Pure Pulp Fluidity ≥ 200mm Gas Ion Content No
Moisture Content ≤ 10% Water Reduction Rate 15-25%

Main Characteristics of Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (pumping type):
1. Powder content: 0.8-1.5% of the total glue. Liquid content:1.0-2.5% of the total glue.
2. The same water-cement ratio , this concrete admixture can increase more than 10CM slump of concrete. Under the same cement dosage and same slump conditions, the strength of concrete can be increased by 40%-70% in three days, increased strength by 30%-60%  in seven days and increased strength by 25%-50% in 28 days.
3. Low slump loss, suitable for long-distance transportation of commercial concrete.
4. Largely improved water retention, cohesiveness, no layering & no segregation.
5. The retarding effect at the beginning, will reduce the early hydration heat release rate of concrete, which is conducive to the pouring of mass concrete.
6. The compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, admixture resistance and durability of concrete have been significantly improved.

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer-Slump-Preserving Type:

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (slump-preserving type)
Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (slump-preserving type):

Features: Under the alkaline condition of concrete, the reactive gene in the molecular structure of this product can slowly release the gene with dispersing effect, which plays the role of continuing to disperse the cement, thereby achieving the effect of inhibiting the slump loss of concrete.
Usage Method:
1. Water reducers with different slump retention effects can be compounded with mother liquor as required.
2. The usual dosage is 0.6%-1.2%.
3. It is suitable for compounding use of high water reducing polyslump carboxylic acid water reducing agent.
4. The water reducing agent can be dissolved in water or added separately to the concrete mixer.

Main Characteristics of Polycarboxylate superplasticizer (slump-preserving type):
1. The product has a large slump retention value. After 1H, the slump can reach more than 80% of the slump of the fresh concrete, which can effectively solve the problem of rapid concrete slump loss.
2. Excellent concrete performance Fresh concrete has good workability, excellent hardening and durability.
3. Wide adaptability It has wide adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag silicate, fly ash cement, pozzolan cement and various admixtures.
4. Green and environmentally friendly, the raw materials used are non-toxic and harmless, and there are no three wastes in the production process.

High Range Water Reducer-Retarding Type:

Polycarboxylate high-efficiency water reducing(retarding type)
Polycarboxylate high-efficiency water reducing(retarding type):

1. WJ-JS concrete retarding superplasticizer has two types: powder and liquid.
2. The powder type is gray and the liquid type is brown.
3. The powder and liquid products can be used directly.
4. The powder dosage is 1.5-2.5% of the cement dosage, and the liquid dosage is 1.5-2.5% of the cement weight.
5. The dosage should be adjusted according to the actual situation when the construction is under high temperature.
6. The best dosage should be based on the concrete design mark and test.

Application of Polycarboxylate high-efficiency water reducing(retarding type):
1. suitable for cast-in-situ concrete, ready-mixed commercial concrete, large-volume concrete, (pumped concrete) building floor and panel structure.
2. This concrete admixture has good adaptability to ordinary Portland cement, medium heat Portland cement, low heat Portland slag cement, and fly ash Portland cement.
3. It can be mixed with fly ash, slag, expansion agent, etc. prepared together with materials to make high-strength and high-performance concrete.

Concrete Superplasticizer Admixture-Antifreeze Type:

polycarboxylate superplasticizer (antifreeze type)
WJ-F1 polycarboxylate superplasticizer (antifreeze type):
  • Usage Method:
    1. The dosage can be adjusted after testing according to requirements;
    2. Generally, it is added to the mixer at the same time as the mixing water. If it is added later or before the concrete is poured, the plasticization effect is best if it is stirred and a little bit.
  • Scope Of Application:
    1. Suitable for cast-in-place, precast, pre-stressed reinforced concrete and pumped concrete for winter construction.
    2. Early-strength, high-strength, high-impermeability and high-durability concrete that accelerates the construction schedule for winter construction;
    3. Suitable for the preparation of C15-C60 concrete.

Main Characteristics of WJ-F1 polycarboxylate superplasticizer (antifreeze type):
1. Concrete antifreeze additive is stable in shape and has no corrosion effect on steel bars; the air content is 2.0-4.0%, which is conducive to the construction of concrete;
2. It can effectively reduce the freezing point of water, make the concrete reach the critical strength of freezing as soon as possible, and play a more effective anti-freezing effect;
3. Low alkali content, will not cause alkali aggregate reaction. Does not contain ammonia antifreeze ingredients, no pollution to residential houses;
4. The water reduction rate is 12-25%, the fluidity of the mixture is improved, and the concrete slump can reach 15-22CM;
5. It has a strong dispersing effect on cement, and obviously improves the workability of the mixture, making the concrete mixture easy to cast and easy to vibrate;
6. Concrete compressive strength R28 ≥ 100%, R-7 ≥ 10%, R-7 ten 28 ≥ 100%, R-7 ten 56 ≥ 100% (﹣ 15 ℃);
7. Saving cement, while maintaining the same strength, the amount of cement can be reduced by 10-20%;
8. Increase the compactness of concrete, reduce shrinkage and creep, improve the durability of concrete, and extend the service life of concrete.

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures:

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures:
Advantages of Aimix Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures:
Advantages of Aimix Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures:

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Water Reducer Admixtures

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