AIMIX! New Upgrade Coming In 2024


In 2024, AIMIX completed a comprehensive color upgrade of our products. The debut of the latest product coating also marked an important milestone for AIMIX in China’s leading concrete machinery industry.
This event showcases four charming theme colors: orange, ambassador blue, signal white, and slate gray.
It symbolizes AIMIX’s continuous pioneering thinking and its move towards high-end intelligent service-oriented manufacturing. Market analysts believe that the new product color upgrade is another strategic move by AIMIX to enhance its market influence and brand appeal.

Over the years, AIMIX’s product coatings have undergone many changes, reflecting the company’s journey from the iconic “engineering yellow” to the traditional “tech blue” to the personalized “blue, orange and white”. Each iteration reflects AIMIX’s progress and innovation in product concepts. The recent coating upgrade has launched new coatings for a variety of flagship products, covering concrete mixing stations, self-loading trucks, mixing pumps, and trailer pumps.

New Upgrade Coming

Concrete Batching Plant

Enhancing equipment reliability visually
Retaining the identifiable blue and white colors
Highlighting memory points with bright orange

Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

Enhancing the visual impact of the tank
Boosting the off-road image with Mecha-inspired styling
Conveying stability with the deep blue-gray frame
Orange elements boost the sense of power.

Concrete Pump

Emphasizing its high-pressure delivery principle
Reflecting the attributes of the device
Shaping lines for an impactful impression

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