Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

Aimix tile adhesive production line is also called dry mix mortar plant. Tile adhesive is made of cement, quartz sand, polymer cement and various additives by mechanical mixing. Tile adhesives are primarily used to bond ceramic and tile adhesives, also known as polymer tile bonded mortars. Aimix tile adhesive manufacturing plant has the features of low maintain cost, high efficiency, easy operation, etc.

Types of Aimix Tile Adhesive Production Line:

Tower Type Tile Adhesive Making Machine:

  • Usually built in two floors.
  • Main equipment: twin shaft gravity less mixer, storage silo, packing machine & dust collection system.
  • Space occupying: covers 20 square meters & about 6.5 m in height.
  • Production capacity: 3-10 tons per hour.
  • Appropriate to beginning investment for clients which has limits in the factory building height.

Middle Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant For Sale:

  • Usually divided into three floors.
  • Space occupying: occupied 30 square meters and height in 8.5 m.
  • Production capacity: 10-20 tons production per hour.
  • Available to fast return on investment and easy upgrade to fully automatic dry mix mortar production line, later.
  • Easy & convenience operation & small space occupation, low energy consumption.

Fully Automatic Tile Adhesive Production Line:

  • Full-automatic, equipped with weighing system, packaging system.
  • High degree of automation & Basically with bulk systems
  • Mixing system: with 60~180s blending, materials are mixed evenly;
  • Widely usage: produce different usage dry mortar for needs, such us, Masonry mortar, plastering mortar, thermal insulation mortar, decorative mortar, etc

Specification Of Aimix Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant:

Production line mode Output Occupied area Equipment height Remark of batching and packing
Simple 1-15t/h 40m2 5-10m Manual batching and packing
Basic 5-15t/h 40-60m2 6-10m Manual batching, automatic packing
Semiautomatic of serial mode 5-15t/h 40-80m2 8-12m Automatic batching of coarse material, manual batching of additive, automatic packing
Semiautomatic of tower mode 5-60t/h 40-100m2 10-25m Automatic batching of coarse material, manual batching of additive, automatic packing
Fully automatic of tower mode 5-60t/h 60-500m2 10-25m Automatic batching of all raw material and packing

If you are interest in our tile adhesive production line, or need any customized service, please Contact us directly.

Why Choose Aimix Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plants:

  1. Provide dry mix mortar recipe
    Our professional engineers can provide customers dry mortar mix recipe if necessary.
  2. Strong technical support
    Our company can provide customers free services such as site planning, equipment installation and debugging, personnel training, life-long technical guidance. We will help you design the most suitable site layout and provide technology support whenever you needed.
  3. Sincere service
    Customer first is one of the Business philosophy in our company. We provide sincere service from answer consult to onsite guidance etc. after sale service.