Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

Small/mini Concrete Batching Plant:

Capacity: 25-60 m³/h
Types: Stationary type mini concrete mixing plant
Mobile type concrete batching plant
Foundation-free type cement batching plant

Advantages: It is of standard device, which makes small concrete batching plant has feature of less space occupied. Because of its modular size, it is easy to transport and install in a short time.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

Capacity: 25-120 m³/h
Model: AJY25, AJY35, AJY50, AJY60, AJY75, AJY90, AJY120

Features: Suitable for short term or medium term projects which need movable.
Aimix Mobile concrete batching plants are ideal for long distance project. Aimix can shorten transportation period. Typically a mobile concrete batching plant can be installed in 1-2 days.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant:

Capacity: 25-240 m³/h
Model: AJ25, AJ35, AJ50, AJ60, AJ75, AJ90, AJ120, AJ180, AJ240

Features: Fixed on the site or located near to the construction sites.
Equipped with Sicoma brand twin shaft concrete mixer ensures evenly & fast mixing. Also support planetary mixer to meet your needs. Patented shaft seal technology.

Foundation Free Concrete Mixing Plant:

Capacity: 25-120 m³/h
Model: AJM25, AJM35, AJM50, AJM60, AJM75, AJM90, AJM120

Features: Foundation free small concrete batch mix plant has features of cable, waterway and gas path are in the form of quick-connect fittings, and quick installation. If the ground is hard and flat, the plant can work immediately.

Dry Concrete Batching Plant:

Features: A Dry mix Concrete Plant, also known as Transit Mix Plant, weighs sand, gravel and cement in weigh batchers via digital or manual scales. All the ingredients then are discharged into a chute which discharges into a truck. Meanwhile, water is either being weighed or volumetrically metered and discharged through the same charging chute into the mixer truck. These ingredients are then mixed for a minimum of 70 to 100 revolutions during transportation to the job-site.

Successful Cases of Aimix Ready Mix Concrete Plant: