Aimix 3.5 Cum Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Kyrgyzstan

Aimix 3.5 cum Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Kyrgyzstan

Aimix 3.5 Cum Self Loading Concrete Mixer In KyrgyzstanAimix 3.5 Cum Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Kyrgyzstan
Aimix AS-3.5c Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck is working on their construction site in Osh City, Kyrgyzstan. Our clients are very satisfied with this self loading concrete mixer, which is easy to use and has high working efficiency.

How Do We Achieve Cooperation With This Client?

This client and his friend took on a project and needed to purchase concrete equipment to pour the foundation. After consulting concrete equipment in their domestic market, they decided to buy it from China. Our client entered the keyword “Self-loading concrete mixer truck” into Yandex and found the Aimix group.

Our clients left their email, Whatsapp, and other contact information on AIMIX website and leave a message that they need AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer. Once the AIMIX team receives a client’s request, our professional staff quickly contacts this client. After learning in detail the needs of our Kyrgyzstan clients, we gave professional suggestions and solutions and recommended 2.6 cubic meters and 3.5 cubic meters self-loading concrete mixer. After a comparative analysis, they finally decides to purchase the AS-3.5 type.

What Aimix Do For Our Self Loading Concrete Mixer Client?

Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck is generally blue and white but can be provided with customized colors and other services according to client’s requirements. After clients placed the order, Aimix factory made the equipment required by the client with high efficiency and high quality and provided the client with customized painting services. Before delivery, AS-3.5 will undergo extensive testing at the factory and give feedback to customers, then on February 21, 2022. the equipment will be shipped from the factory, and on March 11, our clients will receive a self-loading concrete mixer. Since our self-loading equipment does not require installation, clients can use it immediately upon receipt.

Aimix has specialized in the design, manufacture, and sale of construction equipment for 40+ years. So far already exported 60000+ self loading concrete mixer truck to 70+ countries in the world. If you are looking for where to buy construction equipment, want to know how much they cost, want to order directly from the manufacturer, then you have contacted us.

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